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Old School

December 3, 2009
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The September/October 09 issue of InsideOut Magazine featured the fantastic Retro/50s inspired home of Melbournian couple Natalie Jeffcott and Nicholas Fitzgerald and their young son Arthur (so cute!). I love when a home is a real reflection of the people who live in it, of their passions and inspirations! These guys own and run a Vintage/Collectables store Arthurs Circus and Arthurs Circus online , their groovy home is in the apartment above the store.

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Now this vintage style is not exactly my own cup of tea (my collectables just end up looking like unorganised clutter!), but it is certainly one that my aunt Patti and uncle Mike love and I’ve included this home for them. Both Patti and Mike are fellow Ebay lovers and each has a cool house full of fantastic vintage and secondhand finds…. we are going over to Pats place for dinner tomorrow night and if she lets me I’ll post a pic of her awesome new dining table and chairs – an original Grant Featherston ‘Scape’ set which she cleverly picked up on Gumtree for a steal and in reality its a collectors piece worth thousands!

Check out the photography section on the website, owner Natalie is a professional photographer and is really talented, she obviously has an beautiful eye for interesting still life compositions. I’ve also linked to her blog which is worth a look!


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