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March 12, 2010


Coming up on the 22-24th April is the annual DESIGNEX weekend at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre. DesignEX is…

“Australia’s premier design and architecture event, showcasing over 300 local and international brands and boutique suppliers.”

as well as the exhibition stands there are Seminar Sessions each day that sound fantastic! If I get the chance to go I’d love to attend these talks…


Australian Design- sunrise or sunset?

MC John Eussen, Peter Lewis– MD Porter’s Paints, David Lennie– MD Signature Prints, Sibella Court– principal Society Inc & Yosi Tal– MD Designer Rugs

At the coalface, the fashion industry has always been the global trend leader, but also leads the way in launching and exposing product and designers to local and international markets with great success. In Australia the fashion industry is strong, and over the globe, reasonably represented. Less so our furniture and furnishings industries.

With designers like Newson and Blaess in the global market you could be forgiven for thinking Australian product design is well represented and supported- however local designers struggle to survive and manufacturing in Australia is said to be at an all time low. What will drive our design industries to survive? Are collaborations and customisations the answers? Where and what is happening?
As designers what should we know about the local market, who is emerging, who should we support, what can be done? John Eussen explores the benefits of supporting Australian design, e.g. cost , green element, quality vs. offshore , design specialty and export opportunities with Peter Lewis, David Lennie, Sibella Court, and Yosi Tal.


Spilling the beans – the inside secrets of top designers

Author David Cuschieri– Director Cuschieri Design, Greg Natale– Principal, Greg Natale Design & Dean Herald– Principal, Rolling Stone Landscapes

What differentiates designers who become well known and those of us who don’t? Luck? Not likely.

David Cuschieri- author of new book Top Designers Secrets Revealed to be launched at designEX, set about to pinpoint what was behind the success of Australia’s top designers across different design disciplines. 

In this seminar David discusses his findings and converses directly with two of Sydney’s leading designers, both of whom are the subjects of chapters in the book, the award winning interiors designer Greg Natale, and multi-award winning landscape designer Dean Herald.

Greg’s work has been described as bold, exciting, dynamic, glamorous, sophisticated and having attitude, and his work covers a never ending feast of residential, corporate, hospitality and retail design. You would be hard pressed not to see Greg’s name mentioned somewhere on a monthly basis- so what makes him tick?  The same can be asked about Dean Herald, who has not only achieved Gold at the Chelsea Garden Show on numerous occasions, but has written a book on Resort Style Living and was also awarded the Australian Residential Landscaper of the year in 2006. How did they and their work become so well known so quickly and what makes them continue to be successful?

Discover all this and more including ideas that aspiring and practising designers can adopt into their practices


Who’s afraid of big bad colour?

Interior designer Michelle Hopkins– Michelle Hopkins Design, Courtney Seguire-GM Duha Group & award winning interior designer David Hicks– David Hicks Design

White, white and white has been the most favoured ‘colour’ for residential and commercial interior design for a long time now. There are more shades of white on the market than any other colour. Ask any supplier manufacturing any type of interior finish and they will tell you this is unlikely to change. Customers like white. It’s also safe. 

Designers like the fabulous David Hicks, who use vibrant colour to stunning effect, to positively change the character and perhaps breathe life into a space and project, are rare and brave beasts indeed. Colour augments the spatial relationship, adding contrast or focus and enables designers to very readily personalize or define a space; to take something specific from the client, a logo, a favoured piece and run with or counter to it.

This seminar on colour integration in interior and exterior spaces will inspire and highlight winning colour combinations that exude personality. If you are working on projects or with clients who are different or unusual, integrating vibrant colour may be just the solution.


and this one would be interesting for Jeremy, a Landscape Architect…


Living green – new spatial design visions for our cities

Keynote speaker Patrick Blanc with landscape architects Vladimir Sitta-Director Terragram & Daniel Baffsky– Principal 360°

Our cities have roads and tall buildings, laneways and alleys- both exposed and hidden; residences, workplaces, retail spaces, machines and hustle and bustle. Our cities are growing, and our world has less free space in which to live, and love. As the built form encroaches more onto what little free space we have, an interesting phenomena has developed, that of using the planes- neglected and negative spaces as the bases of life.

When Patrick Blanc created the vertical garden it captured the imaginations of many more designers who are picking up the ‘green’ baton in search of solutions to reduce the impact of our highly urbanized communities by creating urban eco-systems. Green roofs, for example, are now recognised as an important component in the urban environment. Major cities around the world are beginning to take the benefits of such systems extremely seriously.

Patrick Blanc, Vladimir Sitta, one of Australia’s most recognised landscape architects, and Daniel Baffsky, 360° examine ‘Living green’, the growing importance, inclusion and use of green infrastructure, in the context of growing urbanization to not only help combat pollution and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but more importantly to humanize the spaces we inhabit.

An eye opening in-depth seminar about future considerations- valuable and insightful!

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